"What should I read to get into VC?"

"What should I read to get into VC?"

Venture Deals and Newsletters

Term Sheet

Pro Rata

General Tech News

HackerNews - Reddit for tech news

In Depth Analysis of Technology

Stratechery - his weekly free posts and then also the Daily Update, worth every penny!

Platformonomics - cloud tech analysis

In Depth Financial Analysis

Musings on Markets - NYU Prof Aswath Damodaran

Mine Safety Disclosures - value investing

Educational/Influential Venture Capitalist’s Blogs

David Skok - Matrix - best place to start

Fred Wilson’s Blog, AVC - very popular easy daily reads

Albert Wenger - Continuations - in depth reading on the future of technology and societal implications

Tomasz Tunguz - Redpoint - insightful quantitative benchmarking/analysis

Andrew Chen - a16z - one of the best for consumer investing

Elad Gil - his book is a great resource / handbook for any investor / operator

Neeraj Agrawal - Annual software landscapes

Founder Blogs

Hiten Shah - Hitenism - his weekly SaaS newsletter curates great SaaS content

Anil Dash - Glitch - one of the oldest tech blogs, 20 years and counting

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